Sports Nutrition

Having the edge over your competition, especially when it comes to competitive sports, will give you the confidence to reach your goals and perform to the best of your ability. Whether this is done through training hard, training smarter, having the right mindset or the right nutritional balance, Scitec Nutrition is here to help.

Sports nutrition has come a long way over the past few years, and with our extensive range of pre, post and intra workout supplements, you can find the right balance to help you push forward. Our premium grade whey protein supplements, amino acid profiles and multivitamins help to improve performance, recover faster and provide the energy needed to complete any challenge.

Scitec’s Athletic Line has been specially designed for endurance athletes in mind, providing everything from high protein breakfast options and carbohydrate-electrolyte drinks, to intra workout BCAA supplements and advanced multivitamins.

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